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May 6, 2014

A New Phase in Life

Salam & Konnichiwa,

after four year now it's time for me to say goodbye. no more student title for me. it true learning never end therefore i gain new title as worker to gain knowledge through experience learning ^__^

nowadays it hard to find suitable job as even though i'm degree holder. whatever i got alhamdullilah rezeki dari Allah s.w.t. it just beginning, want it or not just accept it. 

create your own path by begin to opening path you chosen then might be another path shall be open right in front of you when time is right....

July 14, 2012

i love you

** such a lovely song.. i like it so much! even though it is a sad song....

seuchyeo ganayo...uriui sarangeun...kaseum apeun chuoekingayo..
doraseoneyo..keudaeui maeumeun...nunmullodo jabeulsun obnayo...

My Love saranghaeyo saranghaeyo..keudae deutgo ittnayo...
My Love ijimarayo...jiuji marayo...uriui sarangeul..

naui nunmuri keudaen boinayo haruharu keuriwohabnida...
kaseum ddeollideon keudae ibmachumdo ijeneun chuoeki dwoettnabwayo...

My Love saranghaeyo saranghaeyo keudae deutgo ittnyayo
My Love ijimarayo jiuji marayo... uriui sarangeul..

maeil nan keuriumsoge harureul beotineunde keudaen eodittnayo...
naega mianhaeyo mianhaeyo keudae iji mothaeseo
My Love dorawajwoyo.. ddeonaji marayo naegyeoteseo jebal

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July 4, 2012

first day working as accounting internship

As Salam,
well as ven can say is it not too bad to do my internship here. their environment is nice & i like it pretty much.
Unexpected! ven first task when i spoke to their CEO, you know what ven got? he give me a basic task that i mostly " ingat-ingat lupe" hahahha....by hook or by crook this is work.....

work has to be done anyway...
hard but this is real life...ven take it as chances to learn & gather experience for ven future career..
InsyaAllah ven CAN do it right!!

 ~ ganbatte ne ven sama ~

June 20, 2012


i hate liar. 
not to mention when they lying to me
it's giving me headache! i feels just like wanna crush them all